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Sports Health

We digitize sports health data,
we improve wellness

An ambitious and transformative project to digitize and professionalize sports science, sports health and wellness in general.

  1. There is a lack of digitization and accessibility of athlete health data for a safe and healthy sport practice.
  2. Periodic monitoring of athletes with a platform for centralizing and digitizing accessible and actionable data in real time has multiple advantages:
    – Prevent:
      anticipate injuries, early detection of problems, physical condition, etc.
    – Personalize:
      training programs and performance improvement, recovery etc.
    – Health monitoring:
      smart wearables for continuous monitoring, alerts.
    – Data analytics:
      progress and evolution, sports tech/med tech algorithms, performance.
  3. The Platform will bring together athletes in an interconnected ecosystem for “open innovation” projects with scientific rigor in the field of sports health and wellness in general.

Digital sports health
intelligence platform

Comprehensive digital transformation of health and care in sports through an intelligent platform for athletes’ health data.

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Health Platform

  1. Baseline health information of athletes.
  2. Data capture digital applications and tools.
  3. Smart platform.
  4. Data intake from sensors or wearables.
  5. Telemedicine/E-health.
  6. Real-time data access and visibility.
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Research Platform

  1. Open and collaborative research platform.
  2. Real World Data.
  3. Validation of wearables, devices, nutritional, etc.
  4. Training, education, gamification.
  5. Targeted training or recovery programs.
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Innovation Platform

  1. Definition of algorithms or monitoring indicators (KPIs).
  2. Preventive sports medicine.
  3. Personalized medicine: algorithms adapted for injury recovery.
  4. Personalized training: algorithms adapted to optimize performance.
  5. Personalized nutrition: programs adapted to the needs and condition of the athlete.
  6. Other applications for personalization and monitoring of KPIs.
  7. Visualization, socialization and interaction tools between athletes, clubs and federations.
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Sports Health Observatory

  1. Instrument to integrate, generate, analyze, gather, organize and communicate information related to the health of athletes.
  2. Promotes and supports actions to improve health in sport based on real data.
  3. Barometers, integration of actors in the value chain, sources of information, etc.

Solutions for all actors in the Sports world



  1. Centralization and access to their health data.
  2. Personalized training, performance, nutrition and recovery programs.
  3. Continuous monitoring of their health status and well-being.
  4. Telemedicine/E-health.
  1. Centralization of health, baseline and pre/interim/post competition data.
  2. Visibility and monitoring in real time, with customizable alerts.
  3. Monitoring of athletes, performance, injuries, recovery.
  4. Safety and added value to the athlete.



  1. Centralization and access to aggregated sports health data.
  2. Continuous improvement tool for sports practice at the national level.
  3. Scanning and secure file sharing.
  4. Studies and publications.
  1. Knowledge and dissemination of sports health, nutrition, sport tech., innovation.
  2. Verified information for informed decision making.
  3. Improvement in education and general health of the population.
  4. Culture of healthy and safe sport practice.