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About Us

About us

At Circular-Lab®, we pride ourselves on our profound understanding of both diagnostic and drug field development, gained from diverse stakeholder perspectives over many years. Our hands-on experience spans various facets of Precision Medicine, giving us unique insights into the market’s dynamics.

We aim to optimize the development access and implementation of clinical diagnostics globally.


Worked on +200 Dx/Rx related projects for leading Pharma, Dx Co., Governments, VCs, Foundations and Private Funds.

Track record on the organizational integration and commercial implementation of precision medicine (PM) and Dx services or products into the PM business model and the various market needs and reality.


Focus on key implementation infrastructure gaps in PM. 

Global team of PM experts and local connections, built an international network of laboratories.

In house deep lab dynamics knowledge, launching scenarios needs and challenges and lab analytics capability.


We are focused on the needs of our clients.
Healthcare provide expanding opportunities requiring real time markets feedback, change management and evolutionary business models. 
We put our own skin in the game, driven by our solid knowledge of the markets, and appraisal of the assets from an impact-opportunity angle and potential to cover unmet needs.

We pioneered an enhancement in the diagnostic value chain efficiency since we recognized a pressing need. Our solution? The world's most comprehensive global diagnostics connectivity platform.
  1. This robust platform seamlessly integrates key players including laboratories, pathologists, physicians, professional societies, advocacy groups, industry experts, quality assurance entities, and governmental agencies.
  2. Our global presence is bolstered by an expansive network of partners and specialists. This ensures that we are perpetually attuned to the evolving needs, actions, and reactions of a myriad of external stakeholders, ensuring our adaptability and continued relevance.

Our driving force


Lead the global trend of digital transformation in health and the generation and interpretation of real-world data (“Real World Data”) in real time.


Develop comprehensive digital Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solutions to improve cancer treatment and patients survival, and health interventions in general.


Create global platforms that integrate the main players in our areas of activity, providing efficiency, transparency and traceability.


Transversal application to any area where the traceability and availability of data in real time is key.


Circular-Lab has an international and multidisciplinary team that boosts the creation of synergies and dynamics of constant improvement both in the solution used and in the company’s perspective. 
Our team has a proven track record of success in implementing large-scale healthcare networks, interventions and digital platforms internationally.


Scientific Team

With extensive experience in international biomedical research, precision medicine and diganostics. And a wide knowledge in molecular biology, genetics, prognostic and predictive diagnostivc tests, laboratory workflow studies, as well as in large-scale information management of Big Data applied to biomarkers. 

IT Team

In charge of developing functionalities to solve the problems of laboratories and other entities. Circular-Lab has diverse profiles capable of implementing smart solutions in an agile way. With experience in Web Development, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and algorithms.

MK and Sales Team

Our team boasts extensive expertise in sales, marketing, communication, and advertising across various industries, with a particular emphasis on the digital, technology, and pharmaceutical sectors. Our primary goal is to transform diverse client needs into adaptable market solutions.

Get to know the CLAB!

María Fe Paz


“In the ever-evolving world of medicine, Circular-Lab stands at the forefront of change. Our vision is not just to innovate, but to revolutionize how healthcare is perceived, practiced, and delivered.”

Camille Garnier

VP Precision Medicine

“Precision medicine is the compass guiding us towards personalized care. At Circular-Lab, we harness the power of data to ensure every patient’s journey is navigated with clarity and purpose.”

Denis Gihan

Chief Revenue Officer

“Our strength lies not just in our technological prowess, but in our ability to understand the needs of our clients and the market. With every revenue milestone, we’re closer to realizing our vision for a healthier world.”

David Ohana

Sales Manager

“Selling isn’t just about numbers, it’s about stories. Each sale brings us one step closer to sharing our transformative solutions with the world, ensuring that healthcare is as individualized as the patients it serves.”

Giovanni Dothel

Precision Medicine Director ​

Jaume Calafell

Precision Medicine Director

Ana Pereira

Precision Medicine Manager

Juan Mir

Innovation Manager

Yanina Echevarria

Full Stack Developer

Joan Martí

Full Stack Developer

Yanis Navarrete

Data scientist

Juan Zamora

Linguist Manager

Ángela Alonso

Marketing & Communication