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Connected against cancer

CLAB bridges the Gaps in the Era of Precision Medicine

  • CLAB is the first AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform that digitizes, centralizes and structures clinical diagnostics and health data using Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  • It simplifies data collection, integration and reporting standardization and increases transparency and traceability of patient data.
  • It connects and benefits all the stakeholders in the testing pathway.

Created by experts in diagnosis.

Prioritizing areas with impact, like oncology biomarkers.

With versatile digital and Big Data tools.

Already implemented in Spain, Italy and France. Global expansion.

CLAB connects and benefits all the stakeholders 
in the testing pathway

CLAB has been designed as a global connectivity platform seeking to integrate all the stakeholders in the cancer treatment value chain. 
This interconnectivity enables to improve quality, training, transparency and communication flow, benefiting the entire ecosystem.

Digitizes, centralizes and structures clinical data

Most information from cancer diagnostic reports, is not structured which leads to the loss or inability to use internal data. 

Circular-Lab digitizes the molecular diagnosis of cancer, acting as a link between the industry and specially, 

The patient

Molecular biology makes it possible to identify the specific genetic mutations that cause a patient’s cancer, and the development of treatments directed at these mutations, which are more effective against the disease.

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The treatment

The development of precision medicine requires greater integration and visibility of key data for treatment, which facilitates the rapid identification of patients with specific mutations to accelerate the validation and administration of these targeted drugs.

Our aim is to improve the diagnostic and treatment of cancer patients through digitalization


Global Connectivity Interoperable Platform

It benefits all stakeholders in the cancer treatment value chain.

It provides them with essential integrated information that is instrumental in guiding patient treatment.


Intelligent Database

It is connected to laboratories. It automates, digitizes, structures and centralizes cancer biomarker data.


Connection to Clinical Data

It is an essential link to connect the biomarker result to the patient´s clinical outcome (treatment administered and response).

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