Connect by Circular-Lab

Public Organizations

Take action against COVID-19 and ensure the
well-being of citizens and national economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a health emergency with consequences at a social, health and economic level that has caused an unprecedented stoppage of activity in all areas. Returning to action after this pause that has globally slowed the economy requires designing an acting plan supported by technological innovation.

Connect by Circular-Lab © supports public and private managers to face the return to activity with guarantees, providing practical solutions adaptable to the needs of each country to protect its citizens and keep the national productive fabric running.

How do we work?

Circular-Lab is an advanced and transversal digital platform applicable to any sector or process in which it is important to provide data with full traceability and auditability. For example, its use is applicable in infectious diseases, oncology, precision medicine, food traceability, veterinary medicine, drugs and doping, sports, data security, among others.

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Information and centralization

  1. Use of the Connect by Circular-Lab platform as a central tool for the health management of Covid-19 in the country.
  2. Integrate and harmonize existing databases and incorporate future data with full traceability and visibility.
  3. Structuring and homogenizing the data for analysis with Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools, and definition of indicators.
  4. Provide reliable information in real time through practical control dashboards to inform decision-making.

Monitoring and tracking

  1. Use of questionnaires and intelligent and evolutionary population testing algorithms adapted to the risk profiles of the population
  2. Automated tools of the testing chain with traceability and data auditability for efficiency, reporting and control.

  3. Continuous monitoring and tracking by contact and geolocation with automatic alerts and protocols to prevent virus expansion.


Infrastructure control

  1. Establishment of active control protocols and systems for entering the country through airports, ports and borders.
  2. Monitoring the status of templates and their users, and control of access to ministries / agencies / hospitals / universities / colleges.
  3. The Circular-Lab © platform allows access / entry control, and subsequent monitoring and traceability of individuals.

Vanguard and digitalization

  1. Option of QA and safe provision of tests, technologies and test consumables for COVID-19 of proven quality and efficient cost.
  2. Continuous market monitoring to quickly identify and incorporate new technologies, tests and practices for the pandemic.

Our method

The Circular-Lab tools allow the automation and maximization of the efficiency of the population testing for Covid-19, optimizing the value chain of the diagnosis through the digitalization of the processes and traceability to reduce human error (> 30%):