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CL can help you do a preliminary risk analysis of your staff and segment it into vulnerability risk groups. We help you to take a safe and cost-efficient approach to screen the staff and subsequently monitoring it through group testing and monitoring and self-reporting tools, alert tool by geolocation.

First we make a segmentation into risk and vulnerability groups. Depending on these groups, we suggest a level of screening and monitoring, also having our self-reporting tool and monitoring with geolocation alerts. Circular-Lab also has auxiliary tools such as dynamic QR, which allows for greater control of the situation. All these measures will be completely accessible, through a control panel that allows the company to quickly identify the raise of an alert and initiate, ipso facto, the acting protocols, taking protective measures according to the casuistry.

Definitely. We are a very versatile platform. The platform and its programming was conceived precisely to emphasize our versatility and modularity and in this way adapt to the specific needs and software services of organizations.

It can be customized.

Indeed. The CL platform has different modular tools. The aim is to provide those services that add value to the process and allow better automation of those that the WRPS or the laboratory already have. We adapt to your needs.

It is a personal and non-transferable identification passport of the individual and allows the incorporation of different levels of encryption and security since it is constantly changing. It provides higher security of the information contained for employees in this QR, with different levels of control of the incorporated information and enables data storage for the manager, longitudinally and over time.

We have algorithms that are based on recommendations from international organizations, which allow us to approach screening and monitoring from a cost-efficient point of view. This segmentation into clusters is carried out using a questionnaire based on epidemiological, demographic and personal parameters, segmenting the staff based on vulnerability and risk criteria. Based on the result, we foresee different scenarios, offering maximum security, cost control and peace of mind, adapting to the new recommendations of international organizations, as well as to new situations. It evolves as the level of population immunity changes.

Definitely. CL can adapt its tools to the plans you are developing in your organization. We enable the automation and digitalization of the actions that are being carried out, optimizing times, resources and results.

From start to finish, we have developed tools to automate and digitalize the processes in the value chain of testing procedures and automatic intake of staff data, importing them directly to our platform. We coordinate and manage the analysis and automatic segmentation through secure and personalized online questionnaires. Automatic interpretation of the results. Definition of the test plan algorithm using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Coordination of the testing plan with the clinic / WRPS, at the company’s choice or coordinated with CL. We integrate the logistics of the laboratory into our software. We also have process optimization tools for the laboratory to process and incorporate automatic results from different equipment. Then we issue these results and send them interpreted directly to the company and the employee, where they can view it on their control panel, thus closing the circle.

Epidemiological, demographic, social, behavioral and work habits, guided by international criteria in the categorization of risk and vulnerability scales.

Recommendations from international organizations to make the program cost-efficient.

CL has been conceived to be versatile and adaptable.

Given the current situation, with the emergence of new outbreaks, it is a priority to carry out a continuous X-ray to be always updated. We automate the testing coordination process through the Smart Testing tool, in order to be cost-efficient. You don’t need to test everyone, but do it intelligently. We know that the ideal would be to have unlimited resources in time and money, but our algorithms show efficiency and effectiveness, creating a testing strategy according to very precise parameters and criteria. This testing and monitoring strategy, with the interpretation of the results and the situation of the pandemic at that time, our advisory process provides the maximum optimization to manage your staff and ensure the activity of your organization, controlling the maximum possible variables that can be controlled nowadays. This is one of our differential advantages.

We are based on two concepts:

Data traceability: CL is based on a technology that allows you to have visibility at all times and the auditability of the data, since once this data is uploaded into the platform it is already protected, but visible and immutable. In other words: Auditability – Visibility – Immutability. The data cannot be manipulated and that is what guarantees its traceability.

Traceability by geolocation alert

Indeed. We have a data scientist who incorporates it.

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